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Client 3

Project Design

IDEA Bio offers project design tailored according to precise user requirements based on our unique expertise and experience. This includes fermentation, multi-omics characterization, and cell design.

Effective project design considers the client's needs and the user's final application.

Client 5

Deep cellular characterization

The IDEA Bio facility has advanced equipment and expertise in fermentation, including 40 instrumented bioreactors for deep strain characterization, multi-omics analysis,  sample preparation, and high throughput cultivation.

Client 6

Test your strains with us

Test all of your promising new strains in a deep well plate or in a stirred-tank bioreactor to simulate performance at scale. We will make all the data available to you so you can look at the performance of your strain and we will help you guide the design of your next IDEA.

Abstract Colors 5

Scale up confidently

De-risk scale-up by robustly characterizing your process and modelling production tank heterogeneities at lab scale using parallel bioreactors. We can design an entirely new set of strains that would suit your needs and requirements.

Client 4

Learn by modelling

To better understand biology, we have expertise from across UQ and global partners so we  can create mathematical models to help you guide your new design. We are implementing novel ML algorithms to query data at the deepest level.

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